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Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot


I can’t emphasize this enough: newborn sessions cannot be rushed. I ask my clients to plan on their session lasting 3 or even 3 ½ hours. In a perfect world your baby will be fed and changed just before your session starts and is ready to drift off into a deep sleep, letting your photographer mold them into any pose they like and will be finished in an hour. But newborns are unpredictable and this rarely happens. ☺ During your session, just try to relax and tend to your baby’s needs. Try not to stress out if he or she doesn’t fall asleep right away. It will happen! ☺


Take the time to allow your photographer to create images that you will treasure for a lifetime.


The day of your session:


Don’t schedule doctor’s appointments or anything else for baby, and preferably for you, before your shoot. You want everyone to have as calm and relaxed a day as possible. The extended time will allow for baby to be fed, changed, calmed, rocked and tended to so they will be relaxed and comfortable, and both you and the photographer will not be stressed-out and rushed.


Just before your session, or during the time your photographer is setting up props, feed and change your baby if possible. Leave them in just a diaper, and bundle them up with blankets so they are secure and warm. We’ll unwrap them when everything is ready. The room will be very warm from a space heater. If the shoot is done at your home, please keep the house warm. This is to allow the baby to stay warm for those naked baby bottom shots we all love. ☺ The warm room also helps the baby to comfortably sleep during the shoot.


If you are planning to include toddler(s) in any shots with your newborn, please keep in mind that toddlers have a very short attention span and it’s best to do the shots of all of the kids together first, and then we can let the toddler play (with daddy or someone else present) while we focus on the newborn photos.


Please remember to bring your full payment in cash or check made out to Rebekah Peace to your shoot. You will receive your entire online, high resolution gallery in 1-2 weeks from the shooting day.


Looking forward to seeing you for your newborn shoot.

Bekah Peace Photography